Mislata in Spain


Mislata is a Spanish city that is located in the region of Valencia and within the metropolitan area of the city of Valencia. It should be noted that the urban centres of Mislata and Valencia are united and only a street separates them. The demography of Mislata is 44,320 inhabitants and it is one of the European cities with the highest population density, since it is around 20,000 inhabitants per square kilometre. Its main economic sector is services, which is based on local commerce and the services provided to its majority of the population. Being attached to the city of Valencia and in a good connection with the Airport, Madrid and Barcelona are a preference for many citizens who work in the capital or in the polygons of the industrial area of the metropolis.


Mislata is an open and avant-garde city that is standing out for its active policies for the city's youth. They have a Youth Council that is very dynamic and participatory, which is made up of all the youth associative structure. Moreover, their good work has been recognised by UNICEF and last November they have been one of the winning cities in the "Inspire Awards" of the first international summit of childhood-friendly cities. Mislata has won the first prize in its “I’m city” project within the category of safe and clean cities, as this project has been focused on the safety of children when they go to school. In addition, they have the experience of having submitted to the territorial cooperation program of the European Commission that they created for Spain such as EDUSI funds.

The Municipality of Mislata

The Municipality of Mislata has as a priority to continue offering a wide battery of resources to its citizens and to continue growing economically. Also, the main objectives have been to implement digitalisation projects and green policies to reduce CO2. In order to apply these policies and continue to expand Mislata throughout Europe, they have created the Mislata’s European Office. The objective of this office is to promote among its citizens the values of coexistence, peace and freedom that the European Union represents, but also to cooperate with youth, foster digitalisation and fight against climate change with policies and working with different European municipalities to share good practices and continue generating opportunities through innovation and social welfare.

European citizenship

Mislata in Europe has the task entrusted to involve its associative, business and political sectors in the cultural and social exchange of European citizenship. The main objective of this office is to work on digitalisation to create more comfortable living spaces to cope with the population density they have. The main idea is to enable mobile and urban digital applications to provide citizens with public parking spaces for their vehicles. One of the main approaches will be to reduce pollution within the urban area through the renovation of its public and urban buildings with renewable energy. With these goals in mind, the Municipality is using the resources offered by European programs in order to create a more sustainable city, thought to be a friendly space for their citizens.

An active citiy

On the other hand, Mislata has also focused in other activities thinking in the different groups that live in its Municipality. Mislata is one of the most active cities in youth policy and voluntary associations where they are expanding their experience with cultural exchanges with other European cities. As mentioned, the municipality counts with a Youth Council which fosters active participation of their young population in the decision-making polices that affect directly to the city. Mislata has promoted in past years what is called “Youth Dialogues”, events where youngsters from the city debate and discuss with legal representatives their suggestions and views on different aspects of youth life. After these events, a Youth Plan is elaborated with these thoughts in order to apply what has been considered.