Activity 7 in Romania

Slanic-Moldova 16-19.10.2023

The coordinator of the activity was ANSBBR, as lead partner.

The event was attended by a total number of 272 participants from Spain, Italy, Greece, Poland and Romania.

The “Active EUcitizens: Think Global, Act local” was the final closing event of the project. Its purpose was to structure and disseminate the main project achievements and results, as follows: i) Present the main results of the project, with a focus on the Data Survey Analysis and Long-Term Strategy for Cooperation between the partners; ii) Encourage further discussions on the topic and engage the citizens in the follow-up stage; iii) Provide networking opportunities between the consortium representatives and stakeholders present at the event, in order to support the process for building new initiatives on the topic approached by Active EUcitizens.

The event itself was structured in several workshops and meetings, which were oriented towards properly present and disseminate the results achieved so far and to touch the basics for further cooperation proposals, as follows:

Day 1 of event activities (17 October 2023):

  • Presentation of the project conclusions
  • Keynote speeches from consortium representatives (Italy, Spain, Greece, Poland, Romania), and regional stakeholders from Romania
  • Presentation of the consortium partnership to the citizens attending the event and the European CERV objectives and goals. Here an inclusive discussion was carried regarding EU values and citizens’ participation in the life of the communities. Starting point of the discussions were the results of the trans-national survey and the Long-Term strategy drafted by the consortium.
  • Discussions between participants and setting the ground for future initiatives
  • Follow-up on networking opportunities, building relevant new initiatives in the common European space
  • Participation and presentation of the Natura 2000 protected natural site in the proximity of Slanic-Moldova

Day 2 of event activities (18 October 2023):

  • Presentation of the project results (survey analyses, strategy and citizen workshops)
  • Focus group on the project dissemination plan and actions to be carried by each partner in the local communities
  • Walk to the “In Context” association and presentation of the transdisciplinary learning laboratory through arts and crafts; Complementary ways of citizens engagement in the local community
  • Press conference
  • Event conclusions and Q&A session

The purpose of WP7 was to present and make use of all the contributions and results achieved during the implementation of Active EUcitizens project, as well as to consult with citizens for a proper implementation of the cooperation strategy between partners at EU level. The agenda of WP7 was also directed towards strengthening the capacity of the partners to work efficiently together at EU level, removing barriers and limitations for trans-national cooperation. This is why an important aspect of the event was the meeting between the partners’ representatives, stakeholders and citizens.