Activity 4 in Spain

Mislata, Spain 10-11.05.2023

Workshop for citizens

The event in Spain (WP4) was attended by 54 participants from 5 European countries. Event workshops where participants gained new knowledge about local promotion, the importance of encouraging local traditions and cultural tourism.

The purpose of the workshops with citizens was to develop new ideas for promoting the local community and opportunities for active involvement in the community. Promoting traditional local arts and crafts – SECOND PHASE. The event (WP4) took place in Mislata, Spain, between 9-12 May 2023 (including travel days). Main purpose of the event was to work on the second phase of the consortium strategy regarding the promotion of the local traditions and tourism in the consortium communities.

The partners had a two-step approach regarding the deliverable, and during the event in Mislata the participants worked on the following directions of the proposal:

  1. Best practices at local level for enhancing cultural heritage and ways to actively involve citizens (case study).
  2. Consortium recommendations (proposal strategy) for better EU level cooperation while enhancing cultural heritage and citizens’ participation.

The activities were implemented in 2 full days (10-11 May 2023), with the following main components:

  • Workshops: Promoting traditional local arts and crafts – SECOND PHASE. Participants worked together on finalizing the deliverable, taking into consideration the national context and their expertise in the field.
  • Exchange of practices of how Mislata’s municipality Participation Department works and how civil engagement leads to good practice.
  • Internal Consortium meeting for project state-of-play and future cooperation
  • Meeting with the citizens and civil society organization in Mislata, where an inclusive discussion was carried regarding EU values and participation to the life of the communities
  • Cultural arts and craft experience: visit to the exposition of the international artist Miquel Navarro.

The purpose of WP4 was to assess the local contexts, exchange views and practices, for finalizing the above mentioned deliverable. This was done in the context of the upcoming data-analysis and interpretation (based on the results of the questionnaire applied in all the 5 consortium countries), as well as preparing the ground for long-term strategy for cooperation between municipalities and citizen involvement (project deliverable number 10).