Activity 2 in Greece

Municipality of Agii Anargiri – Kamatero 8-9.11.2022

The second meeting of the project “Active EUcitizens: Think Global, Act Local” was held by the Municipality of Agii Anargiri-Kamatero in Greece during 08 – 09/11/2022. The aim of the project is bringing together people from different European countries and promote inclusiveness in decision – making processes, both at local and at European level. In the event, thirty – three (33) people from five (5) European countries (Greece, Italy, Spain, Romania and Poland) interacted and worked together. It is, also, of high importance the fact that participants collaborated with members of the local community e.g., politicians, teachers, students, members of athletic organizations and citizens.

Summary of the activity

The meeting in Greece included plenty of activities like study visits and participatory workshops corresponding to the project objective of analyzing different ways of engaging citizens in the local community.

Furthermore, exchanging “good practices” is considered as the cornerstone of strengthening the sense of belonging to the European family. In this framework, during the first day (08/11/2022), participants had the chance to be informed about some of the various initiatives that the Directorate of Culture and Sports of the Municipality implements.

  • “Art goes school”: Participants visited a local Primary School and attended in real time the innovative action of involving students in the City’s actions. The aim is that students appreciate the value of arts, and especially music, in human communication and expression of our sentiments. In addition, through this initiative the school community (students, parents, teachers) is being informed about the Municipality’s actions regarding culture, such as events and lessons that take place at the Municipal Cultural Center, for instance, lessons of musical instruments, theater and art. It should be mentioned that, up to now, through this practice, almost 3.000 students have been subscribed in the art lessons of the Municipal Cultural Centre.
  • “Wheelchair basketball game – experiential workshop”: Participants visited the Municipal Gym where they had the chance to attend the training of the basketball team “ATLAS”, the members of which are persons with some type of disability. The Municipality, promoting inclusiveness in all aspects of the city life, offers the Municipal Gym, an infrastructure with all the amenities needed by disabled people, for ATLAS’ trainings. Furthermore, many primary schools attend these trainings with the scope of raising children’s awareness. The aim of this good practice is the promotion of social awareness and inclusion of people with special needs in our society. Also, the importance of promoting accessibility in European community was highlighted.

During the second day (09/11/2022), a workshop was organized in the Environmental Education and Awarding Recycling Park situated in the Municipality of Agii Anargiri – Kamatero. The objective was to finalize the questionnaire which initially began during the first project meeting in Elblag. Participants concluded to the final form and structure of the document, which is considered a step of high importance in the implementation of the project, since it will be used in the survey conducted in the next phase.

The workshop gave rise to participants to exchange different points of views, convictions and concerns and finally assume that through the existing differences between people leaving in a society, we can create multicultural, inclusive cities where participation in decision – making is provided to every interested part. During the workshop, participants were divided into four groups consisting of persons from different countries, from different administration levels (e.g., Mayors worked with employees, volunteers, etc.) and of different ages.

The second day of the project meeting included, also, two study visits:

  • Visit to the “Olive Tree of Pissistratos”, a landmark of the city’s daily life from antiquity to the present day since it is a meeting point, a place where cultural and sports events are taking place, but also a pole of attraction for city’s visitors.
  • Visit to the traditional museum “Giordani”, where exhibits that depict the daily life of the city’s inhabitants over time are presented.

Both study visits gave participants the opportunity to develop an overall view of the city life and appreciate the value of the tradition and culture in European societies. It is true that active citizenship can be promoted through the cultivation of social awareness and implementation of good practices which bring people together.